Is your brain an Olympian?

As the countdown to the London Olympics begins, the world is watching as our top athletes head to the Games in preparation to compete. In the weeks leading up to this, we have followed the trials in the struggle for selection for the teams. It is a process of survival not just of the fittest, but the fastest, the best prepared, the most resilient.

And once the Games are over, the athletes will be returning home for a short rest and then to resume their training for the next event, the next championship and the ones after that.

In many ways it’s just like building and maintaining brain fitness, except you don’t get a gold medal for achieving your goal, except metaphorically speaking.

Being brain fit is about enjoying having an agile mind in the same way as enjoying an agile body. Being mentally nimble promotes our ability to problem solve, to remain focussed, to allow for experimentation in trying out new skills and being creative.

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