Through my workshop facilitation, I work to improve your and your team’s ability to think, focus and collaborate to drive impact and innovative results.

What Do You Need Help With?


Build a more positive emotion that elevates innovation, creativity and embraces change.


Lower your current rate of staff turnover


Reduce your quantity of sick leave, stress leave, mental illness and stress related physical illness.


Greater resilience, better coping skills and better decision making

Thriving by Design Workshop

A workshop for business leaders, employees and managers

In times of increased stress and work-related pressure, knowing how to thrive is essential to our level of happiness, resilience, camaraderie and capability.

Becoming a smarter, sharper thinker and knowing how to avoid burnout or exhaustion is a must.

Choosing to invest in yourself and or your team is a powerful strategy to develop the skillsets required to adapt and flourish in the digital age. This is what provides the cognitive advantage for higher productivity and performance.

That’s why the Thriving by Design workshop was formulated to help reduce the common high human cost of business through

  • Lower rates of staff turnover
  • Reduced time off for sick leave, stress leave, mental illness and other stress related physical illness.
  • Greater resilience, better coping skills and better decision making
  • More positive emotion that elevates innovation, creativity and embraces change.

A thriving people-centric workplace enjoys the benefits of attracting and retaining top talent, promoting shared values, positive emotion and purpose shifting the mindset from survival to thrival.

Master Class

A two hour workshop drilling down into the main concepts

2 Hours

Custom Workshop

A custom half-day to two-day workshop to explore what would be of greatest benefit to your workplace situation and to develop a framework relevant to your place of work

4-16 Hours


A 3-6-month program comprising a series of workshops, webinars and mentoring to bring everyone on board and invite participation into the Thriving by Design Program and embed the key ideas.

3-6 Months


Dr Jenny is quite simply amazing. Her very affable style and manner, as well as her content, made her an enormous hit at our conference. 

– Joint Managing Director, Executive Assistant Network

Science Has Shown

That building better brain health with self-care is the pre-requisite to better thinking.

That productivity, happiness and performance can readily, inexpensively and easily be boosted by understanding what really motivates us to want to deliver our best

That mindset is a choice and we can learn how to change our mind; and

Why having a sense of purpose and meaning elevates adaptability and resilience.

Dr Jenny Brockis with a brain

The Thrive By Design Workshop Will

Introduce you to the three key elements of Thriving by Design

Provide you with specific tools and strategies ready to be implemented to THRIVE

Reveal how to motivate everyone’s willingness to adapt and change

Provide an uplifting and energising experience

Workshop Facilitator

Dr Jenny Brockis

Hi, I’m Dr Jenny, a medical practitioner and Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Lifestyle Medicine specialising in brain health and mental performance. For the last 30 years, I’ve been working with people just like you, so you can be the best version of yourself at home – and at work. And my workshops will help you get there.

I welcome you to schedule a complimentary workshop consultation so you can enjoy a sense of complete health, feel happier, and thrive by design.

Dr Jenny Brockis workshops

“Jenny had the audience in the palm of her hand. Her presentation was informative, inspiring and a call to action. All in attendance benefited from this very professional presentation.”

– Corporate Membership Director The Western Australian Club

I Also Give Standalone Workshops & Talks

The Thrive by Design workshop comprsies of three modules that can also be delivered as stand-alone topics.

  1. Better Cognitive Health
  2. Better Thinking
  3. Better Relationships

The group loved your content, presentation style and engagement. You rated around 95% with the group, which for this group is right up there with one of the best and as the chair I absolutely agreed with them.

– TEC Chair


Better Brain Health – because fit brains work best

Fitter By Design

Looking after our brain health is essential for our cognition: how well we think, learn, and remember, solve problems and make good decisions.

When we’re not performing at our best we struggle with tiredness and overwhelm,  make poorer choices and more mistakes decisions that can cost us and our organisation dearly.

Peak performance comes from putting in the preparatory work first – that’s exactly what we will do in this workshop.

We’ll work together to implement effective strategies that become the norm, not just a Band-Aid solution. We’ll optimise the thinking skills, energy and focus for every individual in your team and organisation, to drive real results and real impact in the long term.

It’s about giving yourself and other permission to succeed. To make self-care something that everyone cares about and does.

Is it time to give your brain a performance review?

In this workshop you will:

  • Understand the inner workings of the best weapon you have in every team in your organisation today
  • Learn about the renewable energy sources that power your work and life
  • Gain confidence, competence and capability
  • The seven lifestyle choices essential to your brain health and mental performance
  • No more fake news. The truth about how your food, exercise and sleep  help you to think at your best and avoid the 3 o’clock slump
  • Discover how healthy stress can ramp up performance
  • Know what to pack in your Stress Resiliency ToolKit and Emergency Stress Pack
  • Got the intention but run out of willpower? How to successfully integrate those healthy lifestyle habits into your life and work

Better Thinking – it’s time to work smarter not harder

Thinking Smarter By Design

Being fit, fast and focused is the key to being adaptable, flexible and creative in today’s rapidly changing business environment.

But our drive to be more efficient and more productive in an organisation usually does more harm than good. To really work smarter, we need to implement strategies that help us focus and find creative thinking space.

In this workshop, we’ll integrate the latest neuroscience practices to ensure faster problem solving, better decision-making and more new ideas, while reducing procrastination and stress that can lead to low engagement and high absenteeism.


Learn how to:

  • Nurture the right minds and mindsets in your team to promote curiosity and opportunities that drive success.
  • Pay better attention, stay focused, learn more effectively and remember what matters
  • Develop an effective distraction management plan
  • Become more mindFULL and discover how this helps you to get more done
  • Uncover the productivity hack that gets WORSE with practice
  • Build the mental skillsets needed for the digital age every HR manager is looking for

“Our employees loved Jenny’s presentation on Brain Fitness. She was engaging, informative and motivating. Jenny’s call to action was effective and many staff members were discussing and swapping brain fitness strategies the following week.”

– National EHS Advisor, Schindler Lifts Australia Pty. Ltd.


We have had nothing but enthusiastic praise for Jenny’s interesting, enjoyable and impactful presentation.  I highly commend Jenny as a professional speaker who not only educates but also engages and entertains and is so easy to deal with.”

– Manager, Principals Australia Institute

Better Relationships – we flourish in the company of others


Working with others is one of our biggest challenges, especially in an organisation where there are different perspectives, belief systems and ways of doing things.

This can lead to conflict, tension and low performance or engagement scores. Leaders are continuously fighting fires and the entire business suffers as a result.

Understanding our social smarts, why we think and behave the way we do, helps us to better understand why others may think differently. This helps us to develop greater mutual understanding, tolerance and respect and creates a coherent culture founded on trust.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • Why social intelligence matters as much as EQ
  • The two essential ingredients that drive engagement, motivation and greater happiness at work
  • How to build and maintain trust – the foundation to all great relationships that provides a sense of belonging, and builds loyalty and empathy
  • The TRAICE elements required for safety in every conversation and interaction
  • How to master the art of effective communication by understanding how your mood, emotion and stress influence  your thinking and behaviours
  • Why getting your daily DOSE promotes healthy and effective working relationships
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