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If intelligence was measured in terms of output i.e. how much we get done and by when, sadly many of us would appear wanting.

It can be incredibly frustrating to realise that your performance is less dependent on your intelligence and more on your ability to manage your tendency to procrastinate. While it may be cold comfort to realise that you share this affliction with 95% of the population, the good news is that the beast of procrastination can be tamed and you can take back effective control to ensure you succeed in getting done what needs to be completed, more often. 

Far from being a symptom of lazyness or disinterest, procrastination is an engrained brain behaviour that has evolved over time.

The good news is it can be overcome. Your brain is plastic and neuroscience has revealed how it is possible to rewire your brain, to create new and useful habits that will serve you better.

By procrastinating less you will
» Achieve more and importantly more on time, enhancing your potential for greater success in life and work.
» Enjoy the benefits of longer lasting mental energy
» Realise a greater sense of fulfillment in all aspects of your life

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Procrastination, the good, the bad and the ugly : Taking back control

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