The Natural Advantage



Pre-order release date: October 2024

How more time outside reduces stress, improves health & boosts social connection

Busy lives mean it’s harder than ever to find the space to do those things that help you enjoy a greater quality of life. This has led to what is called a nature deficit. We are so hooked up to our work, our technology and the demands placed on us in our daily lives that we no longer have the time or the energy to indulge in those activities that take us away from all our stresses and concerns to relax, restore our sense of wellbeing and connect to what matters the most.

This book will appeal to the reader who recognises or remembers that time in nature is helpful but is wondering how to find the time other than by disappearing on a month-long hike into the wilderness.

It has been written for the busy professional juggling multiple items on their agenda, who is feeling overwhelmed and super stressed, and wishing they had even five minutes to get outside and engage in those activities they remember provide them with joy and peace.

It’s for the business leader, human resources professional and business owner who recognises they are struggling with their own well-being while also concerned for their staff’s mental and physical welfare. They want to know if the scientific evidence around time in nature is valid and could significantly reduce the prevalence of stress, mental health challenges and burnout in their workplace.

It’s for the person who already loves the great outdoors and wants verification it is really doing them some good.

This book seeks to show how connecting to nature positively impacts our other lifestyle choices of healthy nutrition, exercise and sleep to elevate health, well-being and happiness. Diving into the research, I distil the findings into simple, easy-to-implement, nature-based activities that have the scientific evidence to back them up.

My personal and professional experience has taught me that while medical treatments have advanced enormously, it is often the smallest and simplest of activities, such as spending time enjoying our own backyard or walking the dog, that can bring about profound positive and transformational changes to people’s lives.

While not a panacea for all the world’s ills, reducing the nature deficit by engaging in accessible nature-based activities is a powerful tool to create happier and healthier lives.

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Pre-order release date: October 2024

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