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6-week Online Course

Sustainable High-Performance

Why Resilience is Never a Test of Endurance

Starting Saturday 17th February 2024


It’s something often talked about as something we need more of, that lacking resilience is the main cause of our difficulties, especially at work.

The suggestion being that being more resilient is what’s needed to protect you from overwhelm, burnout, stress-related illness and mental health challenges.

If only it was that simple.

The truth is, you are far more resilient than you give yourself credit for and lacking resilience is not the problem.

But have you ever found yourself wondering “Why is it so hard to keep my head above water?”

Do you get frustrated when told by your boss about the compulsory resilience training next week? “Gimme a break will you!”

Are you asking, “What’s wrong with me?” because everyone else appears to be coping?

You don’t lack resilience. What’s missing is knowing how to sustain your ability to stay in the fast lane, at the top of your game, loving what you do and getting the most out of life.

Because when you’re brimming with energy, motivated to do whatever is needed and surrounded by others who support, appreciate, and encourage you, you can handle pretty much anything!

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Why you?

This course is designed to provide you the tools and the understanding of what enables sustainable high-performance.

You’ll get a simple-to-implement framework, unique to your unique circumstances that will enable you to successfully weather any storm.

Let’s face it. Life never runs smoothly. There will always be those peaks and troughs, the good times and the not-so-good. Sustainable high-performance is about getting better at handling life’s curveballs, obstacles, and adversities.

Isn’t this simply resilience training under a different name?


I’ve deliberately not called it resilience training because resilience means different things to different people.

Your boss might think you need resilience training because they’re thinking you must be able to handle an ever-increasing workload, reduced access to resources and support while remaining as productive and effective as always.

Wrong. This is treating you as a machine, which you’re not.

And by the way, maltreating machinery doesn’t make machines work better either.

Your manager might be thinking you need some tips on handling stress, because they’ve noticed you’ve been a bit irritable and cranky recently.

Wrong. They’re missing the point.

Stress is a normal response to a change in our environment. It’s not normal to expose individuals to chronic levels of stress expecting they will simply adapt.

Meet your Trainer

Hi, I’m Jenny!

Like you, I love what I do, but there have many plenty of times when I have questioned my ability to keep on carrying on, mostly because of sheer exhaustion.

During those times, I’ve had to dig deep to find a way forward, especially when taking time off wasn’t an option.

Sharing my struggle wasn’t an option either, because of the associated fear of judgement and stigma and loss of “professional” face.

Which is why today I’m a fierce advocate for creating great places to work. I believe that good work is key to what keeps us healthy and happy which matters because we spend so much of our lives working!

As a medical practitioner and board-certified lifestyle medicine physician, I get mad when I see great people get sick, develop mental health issues or burnout as the result of being ground down by a workplace that neglects to take into account, we are human!

If you’ve been to that place like me where you’re thinking you can’t keep this up for much longer because you’re beyond tired, fed up and worried there is something wrong with you please stop!

You are not lacking or broken.

You’re human and if you’ve been required to operate at a level beyond normal human capacity over a period of time, something will give.

This is not due to a lack of resilience it’s about recognising what provides you with sustainable energy and the tools to effectively rest and recover.

What Other Participants Are Saying

Thank you Jenny for the amazing opportunity to participate in your course and for providing a safe place for all participants to share personal information.

Mark T.

I really enjoyed the session and probably the most useful professional development that I have done for many years.

Ann S.

I can’t speak highly enough of Jenny’s session. Her knowledge and passion delivered a powerful, thought-provoking presentation and the best part was the simple ideas to improve the wellbeing and performance of ourselves and our teams.

Ralph K.

Are you ready to make your work life more sustainable?

This online 6-week course is designed to help you discover what sustainability feels like, looks like and the difference it makes to your energy, happiness, and wellbeing.

Each week you’ll receive the worksheet and a pre-recorded video.

There will be several 30-minute ‘Ask Me Anything’ live sessions scheduled during the course.

While it’s preferable that you attend each live session, they will be recorded and made available to be watched at a time of your convenience.

At the end of the course, you’ll receive a completion of training certificate.

All the content provided is evidence-based on the science and positive psychology. There’s no fluff or hype.

You’ll be encouraged to interact and participate in the live sessions because there is as much to be learnt from your fellow participants as from the facilitator!

You’ll be part of a private online community where you can share ideas and ask questions in a safe environment.

OK, so what’s included in the course?

The skills you will learn will be useful for today and for your future.

And by sharing your knowledge and insights you can assist your whole team develop sustainable high-performance for all.

Week 1

Saturday 17th February

Introduction, welcome and review of expected goals.

You’ll be introduced to the framework that provides the basis of the training for sustainable high-performance.

Week 2

Saturday 24th February

Paying attention to what matters.

How to focus on what energises you and to reconnect with what you see as being able to thrive.

Week 3

Saturday 2nd March

The power of your thoughts.

Your thoughts determine your feelings and behaviours. This is where learning to develop helpful thoughts can assist in overcoming setbacks and difficulties and recognising how unhelpful thoughts can make things appear worse than they are.

Week 4

Saturday 9th March

Two, four, six, eight, who do you appreciate?

What drives your motivation, provides you purpose and meaning and keeps you on track to reach your goals?

Week 5

Saturday 16th March

Packing your toolkit of coping strategies.

What will you be packing in your toolkit? What have you found most helpful? What would you never travel without? What other strategies could you use for different situations?

Week 6

Saturday 23rd March

It’s a wrap.

It’s time to reflect on what’s been covered, what you’ve learned about yourself and what’s your next step?

Your Investment

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