Feeling Good, Doing Great Masterclasses

Are you Cheesed Off, Burnt Out or Just Tired?


Work is not meant to be a test of endurance, it can be fun, fulfilling and something you look forward to

Work is so much more than just a paycheck


You’re using your skills to produce something that’s valuable, recognised and appreciated.

But has work lost its lustre?

    • You’re wondering why going to work now feels a drag
    • You can’t remember a time when you weren’t always feeling exhausted
    • You’re making silly mistakes because you can’t think straight
    • You’re wondering how long you can keep going like this
    • Your partner, your family and friends tell you you’ve changed (and not for the better)

      You wonder when you stopped caring about anything?

      The biggest problem with burnout is you’re not always believed.

      Life is busy, challenging and complex. You expect to always be doing something.

      You don’t want to be seen as the whinger, the wuss or “not up to the job”.

      No one else seems to be struggling, so you grit your teeth and carry on

      You’re wondering when will things ever be different?

      You know work doesn’t have to be like this.

      You know you’re good at what you do.

      You just want to feel good and be able to demonstrate what you’re truly capable of.

      When work is something you dread every day, you worry

      You might fall off that cliff of burnout and have to take time off to heal.

      You might develop an associated mental mood disorder such as anxiety or depression or panic.

      You may have to face the possibility of giving up your job or changing career.

      Burnout is real

      It’s NOT the same as depression, though the two can co-exist

      Reducing your risk of burnout and that of your colleagues can be achieved

      It will take commitment from everyone

      But you can make this happen
      when you have a trusted guide or mentor to show you the way.

      When you start making small positive changes to how you work, you sow the seed of insight for others.

      It’s about reconnecting with
      what gives you joy in your work, what makes it all feel worthwhile
      and remembering you’re human, not machine.

      Dr Jenny Brockis

      Hi I’m Jenny

      Medical practitioner, lifestyle medicine physician, award-winning speaker, and best-selling author making YOUR work, work better, so you can enjoy a thriving life.

      As a doctor I was taught to expect to put in long hours, to always go the
      extra mile and ensure I was always providing the very best of care to my patients.

      There were times when I was beyond tired, desperate for sleep, and I admit
      sometimes resentful of yet another person expecting things from me.

      I started dreading going to work.

      Counting the hours before I could go home.

      As a GP, I saw others like me, on the verge of being broken. Working too hard, for too many
      hours, for too long.

      When did we buy into the idea that success only comes from self-sacrifice
      and living only for our work?

      What other online participants have said

      “Thank you Jenny for the amazing opportunity to participate in your course and for providing a safe place for all participants to share personal information.”

      – Mark T.

      ​​I really enjoyed the session and probably the most useful professional development that I have done for many years.

      – Ann S.

      I can’t speak highly enough of Jenny’s session. Her knowledge and passion delivered a powerful, thought-provoking presentation and the best part was the simple ideas to improve the wellbeing and performance of ourselves and our teams.”

      – Ralph K.

      Are you READY to make the change?

      It’s time to discover for yourself

      what having a great place to work at
      feels like, looks like, and the difference it makes
      to every facet of your life.

      This is about what YOU can do
      to bring about positive change.

      Step by step, bit by bit.

      Every month on the Feeling Good, Doing Great Masterclass
      you get the latest findings on what has been shown to
      make the biggest difference
      and create your own framework for what will be of
      greatest benefit to your circumstances.

      To feel good, do great and fully thrive.

      The Making Burnout Redundant Masterclass

      What’s included


      A LIVE and INTERACTIVE Masterclass – have your questions answered in real time so you have clarity and insight for what will work best for you.



      In 30-45 minutes, discover the exact strategies to help you overcome the obstacles you currently face in your workplace.



      You will learn why it’s the working environment that can heighten burnout risk and what to do about it.


      You will learn about the science behind what we understand leads to burnout.




      REPLAY!! Even if you can’t attend the live session, by signing up you will automatically get the replay to watch at your convenience as many times as you like.

      Details for the Masterclass

      30 mins + Q&A

      AWST  Thursday October 27th @ 12.00 pm midday

      The Investment is only $49

      $29 AUD









      The REPLAY is made available for everyone who registers to attend

      Money Back Guarantee
      If you don’t love the content, you can get your money back 100%
      No questions asked.

      Simply email jenny@drjennybrockis.com within one hour of the session finishing.
      You must have stayed for the whole event to qualify.

      This is a no-brainer for AU$29!

      The price is going up to AU$49








      Are you ready to get risk taking savvy?

      To put in place those strategies that will enhance your risk taking ability,
      eliminate the fear of taking a bad risk of
      being judged by your peers?

      And create the confidence that you and your team can use
      to make risk taking something that’s expected, normal
      and exactly what’s needed to create personal
      and professional growth?

      Hurry, the price is returning to $8000 in:

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