Feeling Good, Doing Great Masterclass Series

If you loved the virtual Masterclasses in 2022, you’ll adore this year’s offerings

Each month you’ll have the opportunity to take a deep dive into
what makes work, work better
and enables you to fully thrive.

All the information provided is evidence-based
and translated into simple practical ideas and tips,
that you can use immediately.

Some of the topics we’ll be exploring include:

Burnout is preventable, this is what keeps you safe

What nature can teach us about wellbeing

Why psychological safety is not just about being nice to everyone

Why we’ve got resilience wrong and what’s really needed

The seven types of energy needed to sustain wellbeing

Dr Jenny Brockis

Hi I’m Jenny

Medical practitioner, lifestyle medicine physician, award-winning speaker,
trainer, coach, and best-selling author
Helping you make your work, work better, so you can enjoy a thriving life.

Like you, I care deeply about bringing my best self to everything I do.

 As a doctor, I was taught how to diagnose and manage illness and disease.

We were advised to be professional and not take our work home, to disassociate from the personal challenges, worries or fears, we saw our patients dealing with, and not show emotion.

I failed miserably because to me, showing empathy and compassion is an essential component of the healing journey.

And I knew, that staying well is fundamental to reducing the potential risk of illness, mental health challenges, loneliness and burnout.

That’s what wellbeing is all about.

And is best served by honesty, self-reflection and a desire to discover not only what’s possible but what you can do to take charge of your health and success.

Because let’s face it, life is busy, often complicated and frequently messy.

This is not about seeking perfection (Instagram influencers need not apply).

Rather it’s about defining what really matters to you and helping you obtain this, whatever that looks like.

The dates for the first three Masterclasses are

Wed Feb 22nd 8 am Perth 

Burnout is preventable, this is what keeps you safe

Wed March 1st 8 am Perth

What nature can teach us about wellbeing

Wed 26th April 8 am Perth

Why psychological safety is not just about being nice to everyone

If you can’t get to the live, register anyway, and receive the replay

Your Investment

What other online participants have said

“Thank you Jenny for the amazing opportunity to participate in your course and for providing a safe place for all participants to share personal information.”

– Mark T.

​​I really enjoyed the session and probably the most useful professional development that I have done for many years.

– Ann S.

I can’t speak highly enough of Jenny’s session. Her knowledge and passion delivered a powerful, thought-provoking presentation and the best part was the simple ideas to improve the wellbeing and performance of ourselves and our teams.”

– Ralph K.

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