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Monthly Live Online Classes

Feeling Good, Doing Great Masterclass Series

Each month, I take a deep dive into what enables you to fully thrive. The Feeling Good, Doing Great Masterclasses are evidence-based, containing research translated into simple, practical ideas and tips that you can use immediately to optimise your health and wellbeing.

What we’ll cover in 2024

Some of the topics we’ll be exploring include:

  • Thriving: What you need to truly flourish.
  • Connection: Overcoming loneliness to boost safety, security and happiness
  • Mastering your emotions to manage stress better
  • I am woman: The best way to manage menopause and stay sane.
  • The seven types of rest we all need
  • Restorative sleep
  • Exercise for smarter thinking
  • Blue space, green space: How time in nature boosts health and
  • Laugh and play: Why playtime is essential for creativity and
  • Mood and Food: What’s the latest advice

Dates for the next online Masterclasses:

Wednesday, 19th June 2024 @ 11 am Perth

Coming soon!

Wednesday, 17th July 2024 @ 11 am Perth

Coming soon!

Wednesday, 21st August 2024 @ 11 am Perth

Coming soon!

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Meet your Trainer

Hi, I’m Jenny!

Medical practitioner, lifestyle medicine physician, award-winning speaker, trainer, coach, and best-selling author.

Passionate about people, performance and practical solutions, I care deeply about your cognitive health and wellbeing.

I am here to help people become the best version of themselves in a way that supports their health, happiness and wellbeing, leading sustainable high-performance.

What Other Participants Are Saying

I really enjoyed the session and probably the most useful professional development that I have done for many years.

Ann S.

I can’t speak highly enough of Jenny’s session. Her knowledge and passion delivered a powerful, thought-provoking presentation and the best part was the simple ideas to improve the wellbeing and performance of ourselves and our teams.

Ralph K.

Jenny’s insights, practical tips and authentic approach have been instrumental in optimising my clarity, wellbeing and overall health. I continually refer to this book for guidance so I can make the best choices in my daily routines and habits. It has been so influential for me, that I pass on her wisdom in my work with young people around country so they can also be smarter, sharper thinkers.

Dave JornaProject Hatch