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Training for Individuals

Avoid burnout and feel more fulfilled by your work

Browse through Jenny’s courses and programs for individuals and discover how you can create sustainable high-performance while enjoying good health and getting the most out of life.

Flip Mental and Physical Health

Live Training!

Feeling Good, Doing Great Masterclass

Each month you’ll have the opportunity to take a deep dive into what makes work, work better and enables you to fully thrive. All the information provided is evidence-based and translated into simple practical ideas and tips, that you can use immediately.

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Tang Ping Burnout

Self-paced online program

Thriving Mind Academy

Designed to help you think more clearly, find more balance and create deeper connections, you’ll be taken step-by-step through the different concepts to broaden and deepen your understanding of how your mind works and why it sometimes seeks to work against you.

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Get access to FREE resources to help you thrive.

From e-books to checklists and cheatsheets, download these practical guides and resources to help you live a more fulfilled, happier life.