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Keynotes & Workshops

Creating great places to work by raising mental wellbeing and psychological safety, and making burnout redundant.

If you or your team are sick of the overwhelm, anxiety and exhaustion from overwork, it’s time to do things differently so everyone gets to bring their best selves to everything they do.

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Dr Jenny’s keynotes will inspire and teach you and your team how to bring your best self to work, get more done and create high-performing habits.

Enquiries for both face-to-face and virtual keynotes are welcome.


Power Up Performance

With Better Mental Wellbeing

Are your staff sick of hearing about wellbeing? They haven’t heard this!

Health and wellbeing is on everybody’s lips. While it’s great it’s being talked about, have you noticed how when it comes to talking about the effectiveness of workplace wellbeing programs everyone goes a little bit quiet?

Wellbeing is a state of mind, determining how you show up each day and influences your general and mental health. You may not have a mental illness, but feeling ‘blah’ is an indicator of a lack of wellbeing. Work becomes a test of your endurance, the daily grind causes you to feel stressed, distressed and sometimes unwell.

Making work, work better, doesn’t have to be a pipe dream. And you don’t need more resilience training (you’ve got oodles of that already!)

It’s time to tap into what really motivates you, to find joy in what you do, to enjoy a supportive and caring environment and celebrate what you already do well.

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Sustainable High Performance

Without Burnout

How do you create sustainable high performance when you’re feeling flat as a tack?

Are you feeling cheesed off, burned out or just tired?

We live in a fast-paced, complex, and complicated world, where everything has been disrupted by the massive volume and velocity of change in our lives as well as the impact of a global pandemic.

But if living under a cloud of overwhelm and overwork has meant your work has lost its lustre, it’s time to examine what will,

  • Keep you safe from falling off the cliff edge of burnout
  • Work to make your work sustainable and enjoyable again
  • Restore you to full vitality and enthusiasm for what you do
  • It’s time to recharge and make burnout redundant, because flat tyres won’t get you to your destination
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Thriving by Design

With Psychological Safety

Staff gone quiet? Light the pathway to their Passion, Productivity and Performance.

Safety at work is more than avoiding trip hazards and slippery floors.

Feeling cared about and caring for others enables you to show what you’re good at and valued for. But sometimes it goes missing in action.

Whether you’re the owner of funky new restaurant, an entrepreneur launching your next start up or employee at Organisation X, how long you’ll stay for, or whether you even put your foot in the door will depend on how the place makes you feel. It’s the vibe.

Safety matters, but it’s much more than just what’s legislated.

CARE works at the individual, team, and organisational level.

Are you ready to show how much you CARE and deliver your best?

Learn how to bring your best self to work, get more done and free up more time and energy to spend doing the things you enjoy with the people you love.

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Thriving by Design

The Future of Work is Human

To build and maintain a Thriving Workplace requires awareness and action on all three topics.

The modern workplace is a harsh taskmaster that demands so much of your energy, your time and your life, and the last few years have been especially challenging.

It’s not that you don’t know your self-care matters, it’s how to fit it in when you’ve got so many other items jostling for your attention.

But what if incorporating self care into your daily routine meant…

  • You’re doing less, being more, and feeling more fulfilled and happy?
  • You’re easily shifting from overwhelm and exhaustion to feeling calm, confident and clear around what needs to be done?
  • You’re feeling good and doing great regardless of the weather outside.

If the thought of “one more thing” is currently causing you distress, it’s time for a reframe.

Discover how to simply, easily and quickly implement those small daily activities that create high-performance habits, so you can feel the difference and start living the life you want, with the energy and vitality you need.

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Looking for something a little different?

Sometimes there’s one concept or challenge you want to explore in greater depth in a workshop setting.

I can provide you with a standalone workshop session at variable lengths and on the topic of your choice, from stress management and fatigue to innovation and collaboration and mindset. Enquiries for both face-to-face and virtual workshops are welcome.

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Kind Words

Dr Jenny is quite simply amazing. Her very affable style and manner, as well as her content, made her an enormous hit at our conference. From the moment she got on stage, it was clear that everyone in the room was enthralled by what she was discussing – not to mention her props!

Joint Managing Director, Executive Assistant Network

Yours was our most popular wellness seminars to date and shows how much interest there is in the topic! The message is relevant to everyone who is in the modern world of information overload. We look forward to inviting you back very soon!

Injury Management AdvisorRio Tinto

I’m amazed that so much of the information that Jenny shared continues to resurface in our organisation to this day. This certainly indicates how much of an impact she truly had on our management team and our organisation.

Health & Safety ManagerPepsiCo Australia & New Zealand

The group loved your content, presentation style and engagement. You rated around 95% with the group, which for this group is right up there with one of the best and as the chair, I absolutely agreed with them.

TEC Chair

Our employees loved Jenny’s presentation on wellbeing. She was engaging, informative and motivating. Jenny’s call to action was effective and many staff members were discussing and swapping wellbeing strategies the following week.

National EHS AdvisorSchindler Lifts Australia

We have had nothing but enthusiastic praise for Jenny’s interesting, enjoyable and impactful presentation. I highly commend Jenny as a professional speaker who not only educates but also engages and entertains and is so easy to deal with.

ManagerPrincipals Australia Institute