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“My purpose is to share, teach and inspire meaningful and positive change that makes work, work better, for everyone.”

– Dr Jenny Brockis
Thriving Mind - Dr Jenny Brockis

Thriving Mind

How can we cultivate a good life in our brave new world?

Walking you through common issues such as loneliness, stress, relationship breakdown, loss of social connection, and mental health issues, Dr Brockis shows that there are practical ways to alleviate or even banish these difficulties—and to reclaim a sense of meaning and vitality you might not have felt in years.

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“Jenny’s pragmatic approach based on her own experiences and depth of knowledge is empowering and transformative, which will help us all to become our brilliant selves – and isn’t that what we all want for our organisations, teams, ourselves and our families? A must-read for anyone wanting to thrive in today’s world.”

– Janine Garner

Networking & Collaboration Expert

Smarter Sharper Thinking

Smarter Sharper Thinking reveals how you can expand your brain’s capability to think well under stress, to focus and get more out of your day, to be more creative and innovative, and to prepare you for future challenges.

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“It has been so influential for me, that I pass on her wisdom in my work with young people around country so they can also be smarter, sharper thinkers.”

– Dave Jorna

Brain Fit

How Smarter Thinking Can Save Your Brain

A simple – and essential – guide that shows you how your brain is affected by your lifestyle decisions and uncovers the tools and tactics you can use today to get – and stay – brain fit for the rest of your life!

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Brain Smart

How To Regain Focus, Manage Distractions, And Achieve More

Finding it hard to stay focused? Feeling as if you’re drowning in a sea of overload and overwhelm? Brain Smart unpacks what it takes for you to function at your best in our crazy busy world and thrive.

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What Readers Are Saying

Dr Jenny Brockis is to be applauded for penning a concise, interesting and informative book. Dr Brockis has reviewed volumes of international research and synthesized it into a reader-friendly book with “Actionable” advice. From the curious reader to healthcare professionals seeking evidence-informed recommendations , Thriving Mind has something for everyone. Once again, Dr Brockis proves why she is a trusted authority on the links between lifestyle and vitality!

Alan C. LoganCo-Author, Your Brain on Nature

What a wonderful and rich tapestry of valuable information Jenny has woven with this book. She has pulled together a hundred disparate threads of wellbeing knowledge, interlaced them with research, her own story and her deep determination to help others. The result is an easy to read, accessible and comprehensive picture of this topic. If you are long on need and short of time and looking for a route through the myriad of content, then there is no better place to start.

Isobel ColsonThe Get Going Coach, Get Going Coaching

Jenny has put together a helpful and informative handbook that everyone should find really beneficial for building ‘Smarter, Sharper Thinking’ right away and into the future.
Truly, evidence-based chapters give you what you need to know and Jenny’s fun and approachable style of writing encourages you to bring to life the plan encompassed in Smarter, Sharper Thinking.

Dr. Adrian MedhurstOrganisational Psychologist

Jenny’s insights, practical tips and authentic approach have been instrumental in optimising my clarity, wellbeing and overall health. I continually refer to this book for guidance so I can make the best choices in my daily routines and habits. It has been so influential for me, that I pass on her wisdom in my work with young people around country so they can also be smarter, sharper thinkers.

Dave JornaProject Hatch