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Wellbeing Program for Business Leaders, Teams and Organisations

Thriving By Design

The six-month wellbeing program for business leaders, teams, enterprises and organisations seeking to create mentally fit, high performing teams and make work, work better.

Overwork and psychological distress at work lead to lower productivity and performance.

In Australia right now…

  • 1 in 5 adults are at risk of developing a mental health disorder in any given 12 months
  • 20% of existing workforces are struggling right now – and these are just the individuals that have put up their hand for help
  • 45% of those aged 18-65 will experience at least one episode of mental Illness in their lifetime
  • 1 in 3 of those working in corporate Australia are experiencing some form of mental distress
  • 2 in 5 adults report being highly anxious

The opportunity to do things differently and enhance and sustain mental wellbeing is NOW.

Overwork, high levels of stress, psychological distress at work lead to lower productivity, wellbeing and performance.

But I strongly believe these challenges are readily reversible.

There’s just one problem…

Something is holding you back from leaving behind the overwhelm, overwork and stress, and to create more happiness, strong positive relationships and a thriving team.

I want you to know that you CAN have the confidence of knowing your workforce are mentally fit and capable of delivering what they themselves know they are truly capable of.

You CAN invest in the mental wellbeing of your workforce, create a happy and connected team AND thrive at work.

With an average ROI of 2.3, how can you afford NOT to?

Prevention is no longer just an option – it is an essential component of organisational health in every workplace.

Imagine what it would feel like to…

  • Spend your work days in a place where people feel good, and where everyone is encouraged and supported.
  • Be a part of a connected workplace, where discrimination and bullying aren’t tolerated.
  • Know your colleagues are healthy, happy and performing at their best.
  • Save the money and time spent on staff turnover by creating an environment where employees want to spend their time.
  • Lighten your load, knowing that stress and other risks to mental health are managed.

It’s all possible.

And, you know what?

Enhancing and sustaining mental wellbeing is especially relevant, as living through this time of a global pandemic has served to amplify the anxieties, uncertainties and worries previously bubbling under the surface.

Even more concerning, the timing of the resolution to the pandemic remains unknown, and the mental health system was already unable to cope with the demand to provide timely services prior to March 2020.

This is exactly why I created the Thriving by Design program – and why it’s a unique opportunity.

Thriving by Design is a program based entirely on evidence-based science and positive psychology.

In other words: the techniques and tools taught are known to work.

By Design

The six-month wellbeing program for business leaders, teams, enterprises and organisations seeking to create mentally fit, high performing teams and make work, work better.

This program helps you to learn the impact of stress on thinking and behaviour, understand how to promote a more positive mood and why mindset matters, discover the role of self-care and the need for a strong social network, develop a sense of purpose, find meaning in what you do and work to your strengths.

I will help you make mental wellbeing the NORM.

This program is anchored in a robust framework, where we work together to optimise results, overwhelm-free.

The Process

1. A Briefing Conversation

to collaboratively identify key challenges, desired outcomes, and an accurate assessment of the current reality.

2. Personalise the Program

to adapt core content, milestones and timeframes to suit the stated and agreed outcomes.

3. Blended Learning

encompassing webinars, self-paced work, handbooks, and resources.

4. Bespoke Wellness Framework

at an organisational and individual level (optional).

5. Mental Wellbeing Champions

advocates from every level to invite participation.

Are you ready to take the next step?

My promise to you is to help you leave behind the overwhelm, overwork and stress across your teams by creating more happiness, choosing to thrive and nurturing strong positive relationships.

It’s time to become the thriving high-performing team you know you can be.

“An insightful approach to how we can maintain sufficient cognitive stamina, positive mood and better thinking, so we can all get our work done and done well.”

Health & Safety Manager,
PepsiCo Australia & New Zealand

“Jenny pulls together the key findings in neuroscience to provide an inspirational recipe for changes people can make to perform at their best in the 21st Century.”

Australian Institute of Management,
Workshop Attendee

“Engaging, informative and motivating. Jenny’s call to action was effective and many staff members were discussing/swapping strategies the following week.”

National EHS Manager,
Schindler Lifts Australia Pty Ltd

Here’s what’s inside the Thriving by Design Program

Some of our Clients

How do I know your team is capable of Thriving by Design?

Because I’ve seen it in action…

As a kid, my favourite tale was Rudyard Kipling’s ‘How The Elephant Got His Trunk’.

Like the elephant, I was insatiably curious about the world. It also got me into a bit of trouble, like the time I set fire to the kitchen during a chemistry experiment.

My curiosity led me to a career in medicine; first as Principal of a group medical practice and now as a board-certified lifestyle medicine physician and independent workplace-based consultant.

I love researching the science and translating it into useful strategies, and have just published my fourth book Thriving Mind: How to Cultivate a Good Life (Wiley).

What gets me out of bed in the morning is the opportunity to inspire people to be able to enjoy success at work AND a fulfilling life through my Thriving by Design program that incorporates brain health, mental wellbeing and psychological safety.

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Getting the best out of people doesn’t come from wringing them out like a wet towel, it’s about understanding what really motivates us as humans to work hard, stay curious to learn, come up with new ideas, and of course, know how to get along with people – especially those we don’t consider like ourselves.

– Dr Jenny Brockis

I know the wellbeing of your team or business is important to you – so let’s set up a time to discuss if the program is a fit for you, your team and your organisation.

Are you ready to become the thriving, high-performing team you know you can be?