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Self-paced Online Program

Thriving Mind Academy

Discover the keys to thinking more clearly, enjoying greater happiness, finding more balance and creating deeper connections at work, home and in life.

Are you ready to thrive?

Are you tired of being tired, sick of the overwhelm, the hustle and asking yourself “Surely there’s more to life than this!?”

Is it possible to have a successful career and a fulfilling life?


Thriving Mind Academy brings together teachings on happiness, health and connection to reveal what it takes to enjoy happiness, fulfilment and truly thrive.

  • Created for high-performing professionals and leaders, and those ready to level-up in life
  • Students work through 8 modules to find the calm, clarity and confidence needed to enjoy a successful career AND live a rich life
  • Designed and created by Dr Jenny Brockis – speaker, trainer, author, coach and specialist in mental wellbeing, psychological safety and burnout prevention
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It’s time to reclaim your energy and vitality, tap into your passion and purpose and let go of what no longer serves you.


Thriving Mind

Thriving Mind Academy

What does Thriving Mind Academy offer?

Thriving Mind Academy students receive:

  • Step-by-step teachings on becoming the best human being you can be.
  • Expert insights into brain health, mental wellbeing, happiness, connection, decision making, burnout and self-care from Medical Doctor, Lifestyle Medicine Physician, Best-selling Author, Keynote Speaker and Coach, Dr Jenny Brockis.

This starts with unpacking what’s currently getting in your way, what you really want, and determining which strategies will suit you and your lifestyle the best.

This is NOT a one size fits all, take it or leave it program – think of it more like a voyage of discovery about you, what you stand for and of unleashing your own inner genius.

By completing Thriving Mind Academy, students will be able to:

  • Recognise their strengths and core beliefs to make better decisions and solve problems more quickly.
  • Know how to use what science has shown to make the biggest positive difference to how you think, feel and behave.
  • Understand how to avoid self-sabotage and install great habits that stick.
    Recognise when they’re too close to the edge of burnout and know how to keep themselves safe from burnout.
  • Create their own self-care itinerary without any associated guilt, shame or feeling this is just more “stuff” to fit into your already overstuffed day.
    Know how to achieve more by doing less.
  • Appreciate what it takes to have more control over their life, to feel calm and confident in their own abilities and enjoy a happy fulfilled life.

And much more…

Who is the Thriving Mind Academy for?

The Thriving Mind Academy is an introductory program for high-performing professionals and leaders, and for those with ambitious goals who want to get the most out of every day.

While you can enrol in Thriving Mind Academy no matter your profession, this program is especially suited for:

  • Business Owners & Entrepreneurs
  • Managers & Executive Officers
  • Corporate Professionals
  • Coaches in Health, Life & Business
  • Educators, Teachers & Trainers
  • University Students

Thriving Mind Academy is ideal for those who:

  • Are interested in methods supported by science and positive psychology.
  • Want to unpack what’s currently getting in their way, what they really want, and which strategies will suit their lifestyle the best.
  • Are tired of being tired, sick of the overwhelm, the hustle and asking themselves “surely there’s more to life than this!?”
  • Want to become the happy thriving human they know they can be.
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The Curriculum

Module 1: Reset

Pattern interrupt. It’s time to ask: what makes you happy?

If you know what you want, what’s getting in your way?

What’s driving your desire for change and where to start?

Module 2: Recharge

If you’ve been running on empty and on the brink of burnout, this module examines how to reclaim your energy starting with detoxing from your energy sappers, installing new boundaries and discovering how to achieve more by doing less.

Module 3: Rewire

Your habits are the mainstay for consistency, ritual and process and you’ve been nurturing them for years. But sometimes this can result in getting stuck in a rut, with fixed ideas and self-limiting beliefs. Discover how to update your operating system with the right focus, mindset and curiosity.

Module 4: Re-emote

If the thought of sharing your emotions makes you feel, well, a little bit awkward, it’s time to cosy up to the power of your emotions for better decision-making, kindness, compassion, generosity and gratitude.

Module 5: Refresh

Overbusy brains caught up in the minutiae of life can get lost in mindless behaviour. Rediscover how the gentle art of noticing, pressing pause and taking time out to rest, laugh and play leads to a greater sense of calm, connection and happiness.

Module 6: Revive

The cornerstone of an optimal life is the care we apply to our own wellbeing; physically, mentally and cognitively. If self-care has slipped down your list of priorities learn how to re-engage with those lifestyle choices that keep you feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and more resilient to life’s ups and downs.

Module 7: Reconnect

Our need to belong is important. Loneliness and despair can lead to a lower mood, anxiety and a sense of isolation. In this module, you’ll look at ways to maintain your sense of connection, stay engaged and stay part of a community.

Module 6: Reimagine

In this module, you’ll complete your framework for cultivating a good life; moving away from the hustle, anxiety and fatigue of modern living towards a happier, more sustainable way to stay at your best, and be the better human, parent, partner and friend you know you can be.

How does Thriving Mind Academy work?

Thriving Mind Academy is delivered through series of pre-recorded online videos to complete at your own pace. Here’s what you can expect when enrolled in the Academy:

Online Lessons

There are 8 online modules, with a few short video lessons per module. All videos are simple to understand and cover the key content for each program module.

Course Worksheets

There are worksheets available for every lesson, so you can expand your learning and always have access to key concepts.

Tools & Resources

Throughout the course, you will discover a handful of essential additional resources including research papers, books, videos, articles, and interviews.

Meet your Trainer

Hi, I’m Jenny!

Medical practitioner, lifestyle medicine physician, award-winning speaker, trainer, coach, and best-selling author.

Passionate about people, performance and practical solutions, I care deeply about your cognitive health and wellbeing.

I am here to help people become the best version of themselves in a way that supports their health, happiness and wellbeing, leading sustainable high-performance.

What Other Participants Are Saying

“Participating in Jenny’s Academy helped me re-discover what I’m passionate about and kick start my journey towards creating the balanced work and personal life I’ve been looking for.
Jenny’s practical advice and professional wisdom, coupled together with years of experience is very engaging. The course content encouraged me to question, reevaluate and step outside my comfort zones to explore new opportunities and remind me of what’s really important.

I would recommend Thriving Mind Academy to anyone searching for a better understanding of themselves, their relationships and their potential.”

Sara Hector,
Marketing & Communications Consultant, Thriving Mind Academy Student

“Thank you for such a great course. I found it easy to follow and listen to and it gave me lots of insights.

Currently I am studying a Diploma of Business, having not studied since 1985. I felt my brain could use a boost. Dr Jenny’s course has given me greater confidence and tips to get stuck in.”

Past Course Student of Dr Jenny

“I have recently completed Thriving Mind Academy and found the course engaging, informative and enjoyable. The way the topics were presented, through worksheets, videos and articles were easy to follow and I felt excited each week to learn more and all backed up by the latest research.
The weekly zoom sessions were great to embed learning and to connect with other participants in a safe and welcoming space.

This course has helped me to be happier, healthier and to thrive. Thank you, Jenny.”

Michelle Buck,
Educator, Thriving Mind Academy Student

“Dr Jenny delivers inspiring and thought-provoking sessions with tangible takeaways that can easily be incorporated into daily life.”

Product Development Executive,
CPA Australia

“Jenny pulls together the key findings in neuroscience to provide an inspirational recipe for changes people can make to perform at their best in the 21st Century.”

Workshop Attendee,
Australian Institute of Management

“Thank you for your energy and enthusiasm whilst delivering the course. It has helped and I am looking forward to going back through the weekly sessions when we escape the ‘2020 lockdown all over again period’. I am better prepared to manage work/life balance, and the course will continue to help in the current environment i.e. work and school from home.”

Mick O’Keefe,
Coordinator, Agriculture Victoria Advisory Panel, Thriving Mind Academy Student

“Thank you for this enjoyable and educational course. I actually postponed finishing it because I didn’t want it to end…
The course was nicely presented in a friendly and interesting way that
would allow anybody to learn from it without feeling criticised for not
knowing or for having bad habits they need to change.”

Past Course Student of Dr Jenny

“Jenny is a great presenter – well organised and stimulating.”

Workshop Attendee,
UWA Extension

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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm very busy/exhausted right now. How will I make time to benefit from Thriving Mind Academy?

I hear you because I’ve been there. If you’re feeling constantly busy and fatigued, what will help is to discover the next steps you need to take and to know how to put them into action.

It’s a good indicator that now is time to pull back and ask, “What do I really want?”.

In Thriving Mind Academy, you will uncover the steps to becoming the best version of you.

Not only can you pick my brain, but you will also have the support of fellow students to help with the process.

How many hours should I set aside each week?

Students should allocate 1 to 2 hours per module for the duration of the program.

What format is the program content delivered in?

The program materials are shared as video content, worksheets and additional written resources.

Are there live sessions?

No, all Thriving Mind Academy content is self-paced.

When can I access the program?

You can access to the learning content as soon as you’re enrolled.

Will I have lifetime access?

Thriving Mind Academy students will have access to all materials for 12 months following completion of the program.

Students will receive email reminders when their access is about to expire and there will be an opportunity to renew access for a membership fee of $199 per year.

What's the refund policy?

I want to see you thrive! However, if you’ve put in the work for the full 8 modules and have found the material is just not for you, you can claim a full refund within 7 days of course completion.

What is the price and currency?

The program costs AUD $550 (including GST). I also offer a payment plan of 2 monthly payments of AUD $300. If you would like to extend your access to the program materials and community, there is an annual AUD $199 membership fee.