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The Natural Advantage

How more time outside reduces stress, improves health & boosts social connection

  • Learn how the great outdoors benefits your health and well-being
  • Discover the scientifically proven ways time in nature can significantly reduce the prevalence of stress, mental health challenges and burnout in the workplace
  • Explore easy ways to spend time in nature and engage in those activities that provide you with joy and peace
The Natural Advantage by Dr Jenny Brockis

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The Natural Advantage by Dr Jenny Brockis

Busy lives are making it harder to switch off, leading to too much stress, lower well-being and increased burnout.

The solution isn’t always found in a pill or overdue holiday.

It’s time to rediscover how time in nature provides an effective escape hatch to feel better, healthier and happier.

Discover how you can invite nature in for those times when getting out is tricky.

We evolved in nature.
We are part of nature.

For better physical, mental, emotional and cognitive health and wellbeing, time in nature is essential, not a nice-to-have. Let me show you how.

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You know you feel better when you spend time outside, but who has the time or the energy these days to do this?

Chronic fatigue, low energy, and low mood caused by working too hard for too many hours can lead to frustration, resignation, and higher stress.

It’s a catch-22.

Not only that, our nature deficit is contributing to higher levels of general inflammation in the body, which is linked to a higher risk of chronic disease and premature death.

Breaking the cycle starts by recognising it’s often the smallest of changes that can bring the greatest rewards.

Escaping from the concrete jungle doesn’t always require a packed lunch or an out-of-office email responder. Discover how long it takes to benefit from spending time outside; the answer is probably less than you think.

Connecting with nature
Time in Nature

This book was written for…

  • The reader who recognises or remembers that time in nature is helpful but is wondering how to find the time other than by disappearing on a month-long hike into the wilderness
  • The busy professional juggling multiple items on their agenda, who is feeling overwhelmed and super stressed, and wishing they had even five minutes to get outside and engage in those activities they remember provide them with joy and peace
  • The business leader, human resources professional and business owner who wants to learn how time in nature could significantly reduce the prevalence of stress, mental health challenges and burnout in their workplace
  • The person who already loves the great outdoors and wants verification it is really doing them some good

This book seeks to show how connecting to nature positively impacts our other lifestyle choices of healthy nutrition, exercise and sleep to elevate health, well-being and happiness.

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Hi, I'm Dr Jenny.

I’m a medical practitioner and board-certified lifestyle medicine physician specialising in brain health and mental performance. I work to inspire others to become the best versions of themselves by translating the findings of the neuroscience and positive psychology into simple practical tools that enable people to work smarter, not harder.

An international speaker, trainer and author of now five books, I’m frequently sought after as a commentator in the media and have had many articles published in a variety of magazines and journals.

My personal and professional experience has taught me that while medical treatments have advanced enormously, it is often the smallest and simplest of activities, such as spending time enjoying our own backyard or walking the dog, that can bring about profound positive and transformational changes to people’s lives.

Check out my offerings to find out how I can help you and your team.