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Overheard recently at the supermarket checkout: the conversation was about how one person had witnessed three minor motor vehicle accidents in the supermarket car park in just the last week. Her assessment being that people were currently over-distracted, not paying attention and trying to rush.

Is this what you have been witnessing as well?
Is this how you too have found yourself behaving in the melee leading up to Christmas…?

More haste less speed is the old adage and in neuroscientific terms it is certainly true. If we provide our brain with insufficient time to access all the required data, to assimilate it, make sense of it and then determine the best course of action, we are at risk of making more mistakes and poorer decisions and of course increasing our risk of a having a bingle in the car park.

Musing on this I wonder what would my own brain like for Christmas, bearing in mind that it has tried to be good over the last year, even if it didn’t always succeed.

So here are my top 10 brainy requests for Santa.

One. A large dollop of inspiration, to propel the production and distribution, of all things useful to working brains.

Two. A big surge in memory power, to always remember those items I thought I would, but didn’t, as well as those little extra details that make life and work flow more easily.

Three. A swimming pool full of relaxing thoughts and mindful activities, to broaden perspective and enhance a sense of wider calmness and contentment.

Four. A gaggle of good friends to meet regularly with, for fun and plenty of laughter.

Five. A giant serve of time to share with those who mean the most

Six. A truckload of sleep to always be cognitively refreshed and ready (and of course enjoy a better mood as well)

Seven. A daily scoop of invigorating exercise to boost thinking, learning and remembering

Eight. A treasure trove of insight and creativity

Nine. A never-ending well of happiness

Ten. A market garden of health

So that’s my wish list – What would your brain like for Christmas?


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Dr Jenny Brockis

Dr Jenny Brockis is a medical practitioner and internationally board-certified lifestyle medicine physician, workplace health and wellbeing consultant, podcaster, keynote speaker and best-selling author. Her new book 'Thriving Mind: How to Cultivate a Good Life' (Wiley) is available online and at all good bookstores.

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