Rewire & Retreat. Feel relaxed. Stay Motivated.

Your Best Self Retreat

Lake Hawea, New Zealand
August 28th 2019 - 4 Nights

Bookings for the 2019 retreat are now closed

While bookings are now closed for the 2019 retreat, I’d love to see you in 2020. Stay tuned!

“I just got back from a break, but I feel like I need another retreat” said almost everyone, ever.

A retreat for busy professionals

Be honest, when was the last time you came back from a break or retreat feeling refreshed, confident and motivated only to get derailed by the full force of your inbox, competing demands and life admin?

Ughh. You can practically feel the holiday washing away right out of you.

Within 48 hours you go from relaxed, energised and optimistic to tired, exhausted and *sigh* too much to do. “May as well have stayed at home” right?

Absolutely not. But it feels that way – I used to feel it too.

It’s funny how often you dedicate time – particularly when you’re away – to plan out your life in precise detail for when you return. Call them resolutions, goals, aspirations – whatever you like.  But tell me, how often to you get to the end of the year having knocked them out of the park?

I used to do it too. Setting high, often unrealistic, expectations of myself, only to throw it all out of the window because of ‘stuff’. Usually settling for any convenient excuse to justify why I hadn’t focussed and got into gear.

Here’s a few examples:

“I don’t have the energy”

“I’m too tired – I’ll try next week”

“I’m just crazy busy right now”

“I don’t want to start on that until I have finished this”

“I have to walk the dog…”

It drove me bonkers. And it was terrible for work too. I knew there was an answer to sustaining high performance, so I could achieve more and get to the end of a year feeling energised, fulfilled and happy. So, I dug deep into my cognitive health specialist tool kit for an answer…

What if you could wake up every day feeling confident, focused and ready to hit the ground running – and stay running all day? 

Okay, maybe not all day. That sounds exhausting. But enough brain power to get stuff done while kicking goals and feeling healthier and happier along the way?

Join me in New Zealand and I’ll show you how you can rewire your brain – and your story.

Dr Jenny Brockis

Retreat with a purpose

“so, you fly away when the pressure is on?”

Well, yes. Sort of…

Getting away doesn’t just mean long walks, lazy mornings and pressing pause on life by way of “sorry, I have no signal”. It’s more than that.

So often you can overlook the need for self-care because you feel guilty or selfish for taking time out to focus on yourself.

But to work at your best it’s vital you are at your bright sparkling best.

It’s about giving yourself permission to explore and try out alternative ways of thinking, to shift and broaden mindsets and tap into those behaviours that lead you towards greater self-acceptance, reward and happiness.

This retreat is not just about glorious walks, personal cooks and down-time.

It taps into your brain, too

Not literally, I’ll leave those tools at home. But just enough to ensure you’re in the moment, recharging your batteries and giving yourself permission to grow, so you can clear the foggy thinking and start focussing on building the mindset you need to create the life you want to lead.

Whether you want to feel brighter and think sharper or make life changing habits like:

How to get a full nights sleep without waking up

Sleep. You know that deep, peaceful, revitalising stuff that means you can keep kicking goals day after day? Learn how to rewire your brain so you can actually switch off and get some.

Stress Less 101: Simple Life Strategies

Life isn’t stress-free. But it doesn’t have to be stress-full. In fact, a little bit of healthy stress can be a good thing and I’ll show you why.

Ditch the mental roadblocks

Tear down the walls that are holding you back and build the science-backed frameworks that mean you’ll get more out of your day – and your life.

Thrive by Design

Operating at your best so you can get more done, and free up time to do the things you enjoy with the people you love isn’t about the latest hacks, apps or working harder. It’s about your brain and creating the strategies so you can feel fit, fast and focused all day, every day.

Stop Playing Catch up and start getting stuff done

Discover how you can operate at full speed and achieve more without taking work home.

Focus Mastery

Learn how to boost your brain – and your focus, so you can take back control of your time.

Start and finish every day feeling satisfied, fulfilled and happy

From daily routines and mindsets to deadlines and expectations, discover the exact tools to become your best self.

Time Ownership

It’s not all about productivity, calendar or tasks apps. Learn how to ignore distractions, beat procrastination and how to give your day – and your brain – some breathing room.

Stop worrying about what to cook for dinner

Discover simple methods to get all the nutrition you need even if you’re busy and on the run.

Dr Jenny, thank you so much again, for stretching our mental muscles, ‘disrupting’ our mindsets and shifting our thinking around what it really means to be healthy. General Manager, Human Resources RAC of WA
When you get away with purpose, you give yourself a sense of space and freedom to check into what’s been holding you back. 

It’s not just about making lofty goals and hoping you stay motivated.

It’s about working out precisely what you can do differently to elevate your thinking and get clear on what gives you the most pleasure, so you stop wasting energy and start focussing on creating the life you want to lead.

Anyone can brainstorm a life plan and set ambitious goals but creating a healthy mindset – and brain – so you can wake up every day, get stuff done and actually achieve them. That’s smarter, sharper thinking at work.

It’s the difference between saying you’re going to do something vs building the systems, mindsets, mental frameworks and lifestyle that guarantees it will happen.

All that aside, rewiring your brain – and your story – while nestled in a luxury retreat to the crackle of a cosy fire while your personal cook whips up a treat or six… Well, that’s got to help things along, right?

Happiness is the joy you feel while moving towards your potential

I want you imagine for a second that you just returned from a break away

It’s Monday morning

It’s also 5.30am. And you’ve just had the best night’s sleep in years.

You warm up the coffee and go set yourself up for the day. You clear the foggy thinking with a morning meditation and fire up with a feel-good exercise routine.

You squeeze in a swift, but nutritious breakfast – it’s easier than you thought. And reach for your pre-prepped nutrition so you’ll have the fuel and energy to get stuff done.

You check your emails and schedule for the week ahead. What do you see?

It looks full. Chaotic, even.  You see a bunch of meetings. A few deadlines. You’re flat out. But it feels good. No overwhelm. No chaotic thinking. You’re on top of it all. In fact, you feel motivated, sharp and keen to get started. After all, you enjoy what you do. And then, around 8am you sit down and get to work  – knowing precisely what you need to do.

You’re focused, you’re thinking smarter, sharper even. And your productivity? Well, good-luck trying to hold it back. It’s on fire. You flick off a few replies, schedule a conference call and get working on that new idea you’ve been thinking of.  

So, at 1pm in the middle of the day, you take a moment to see where you’re at. Your happy. You’ve nailed your morning. You’re “ahead for the day”, so you go enjoy your lunch – away from your desk – and soak up some sun. And best of all? You’re in control. No spiralling to-do lists. No deadline oversights. Just an easy lunch without the fear of playing catch up when you get back.

Your afternoon goes well, and because of your productive morning you have the time to help a colleague, get started on that new business idea, or work on your business – not in it. Better yet. You wrap up on time, so you make plans to catch up with a friend, play with the kids, or catch that movie you’ve been wanting to see. No working late because your productivity derailed. You didn’t let it. You had the mindset and tools to sustain your high-performance thinking.

You reflect on your way home, you’ve kicked a few goals and achieved way more than you thought was possible. You’re tired, but not exhausted. And you get home with the entire evening at your disposal. What will you do?

Good luck tearing yourself away from that view every morning  

All of these things are possible

These are all things that I actually do, and I’m nobody special.

This is happening for business owners. It’s happening for executives. It’s happening for managers. It’s happening for my friends in the city.

All of these people used to feel like they were burned out, like they couldn’t focus or sleep through the night and “frustrated by the feeling that there’s always too much to do and never a sense of completion on a job well done”.

I want you to know that it is possible to transform your brain – and your life – without having to burn yourself to the ground.

Creating a healthier life with more time to do the things you love with the freedom to think smarter, sharper – and feel a damn sight better – is absolutely possible. And it starts by getting away – with purpose.

It’s easy to take time out to acknowledge all your unhelpful thought patterns. Anyone can do that. But, I want to show you how you can remove the frameworks that are holding you back and systematically replace them with new mindsets, knowledge, and science-backed insights that will keep you at the top of your game so you can have the time and freedom to:


  • create that new business idea
  • spend time with your partner and kids – and have the presence of mind to enjoy every second
  • catch up with friends – instead of working late
  • learn something new
  • go for after work drinks; or quite simply
  • get the most out of your life.

“Yeah, yeah Dr Jenny”

But I mean it. And I’m inviting nine of you to an exclusive New Zealand hideaway to learn how to do it.
Limited Availability

“Dr Jenny is quite simply amazing!”

Joint Managing Director
Executive Assistant Network
Are you tired of always feeling tired?

Being your best starts with you

Are you ready to reclaim the energy and vitality required to sustain and nurture you in the crazy busy world we operate in today?

Do you worry what impact your current way of operating will impact your long-term health and well-being?

Have you ever wondered if there’s another way, a better, sustainable, way to stay at the top of your game, to think smart, achieve your goals and get stuff done?

This exclusive New Zealand getaway will jump-start your brain – and your life – with smarter, sharper thinking.

And where better to take some time out than the snow-capped peaks, national parks and mountain ranges of New Zealand? I’ll tell you where, it’s called Lake Hawea. And it’s pretty special. Take a look for yourself.

Actual footage of my old Monday mornings
Lake Hawea, New Zealand

Stop. Pause. Rewire. Retreat.

This is an environment that prepares you to break free from all those other worries and stresses, to just be, and think.

Only an hour from the adrenaline inducing delights of Queenstown, and nestled within the Otago region, famous for it’s intense beauty, snow-capped mountains, lakes, glaciers and ancient beech forest. Lake Hawea is a short jump from the township of Wanaka – a vibrant hub of restaurants and café’s and gateway to the local skifields of Treble Cone and Cardrona.

Personal Cook

Beautiful walks


Utter relaxation

This retreat is where you can do it

You will be tapping into the exact framework that will give you better brain health and higher mental performance in a safe and nurturing environment.

You’ll discover precisely how to:

  • Fuel your high-performance thinking with the right nutrition, physical activity and sleep for more energy

  • Optimise your mental fitness with mindfulness, a growth mindset and resilience; and

  • Ignite your social Super-Powers of trust, autonomy and fairness to build enduring positive relationships in work, life and home

You will also explore mindfulness techniques to enhance your sense of calm, resilience and wellbeing. And plentiful opportunities to examine how you can nurture more positive and meaningful relationships that build trust, empathy and happiness.

“Probably the most useful professional development that I have done for many years. Thank you so much! “

UWA Fairway Program
Retreat Information

Where you’re going and what you’ll be doing

Just 15 minutes drive from Wanaka, Lake Hawea is a place of intense beauty and mountainous extremes – an outdoor adventurers’ paradise.


Beyond the Lodge, the ski fields of Treble Cone and  Cardrona beckon.

Some of the World’s greatest short walks will provide a unique backdrop to experiential learning. (A reasonable level of fitness is required)

One on One Workshops

Warm up a cup of coffee and grab me for a one on one to drill down into your mental frameworks so you can stop wasting energy and start managing your time – and your performance better.


Picture spending time with an intimate group of likeminded people who are ready to grow and create the life they want to lead. Whether in front of a cosy log fire or standing on a mountain top, looking at the view, it’s the shared common experience that will lead lasting memories and forge life-long friendships.


Imagine waking up in a picture postcard setting of majestic mountains, a beautiful lake, and birdsong. Savouring that sense of awe and wonder – this is an environment that prepares you to break free from all those other worries and stresses, to just be, and think.

Envision using this sense of space and freedom to help you to be ready to check into what’s been holding you back and what you could be doing differently to elevate your thinking and tap into what gives you the most pleasure and joy about what you do.


Your personal cook will provide the best of locally sourced produce and naturally we’ll cater to accommodate your food preferences.

Imagine sampling some of the best food New Zealand has to offer, that’s not only delicious but good for your body and brain. Great food provides the nutrients for good health, makes you feel sensational and helps you to think, learn and remember better.

Lake Hawea

Nearby is the village of Hawea, the resort towns of Wanaka and Queenstown and historic Arrowtown that became famous in the Goldrush.

Lake Hawea, New Zealand 2019

Your Best Self Retreat

Join us on August 28th 2019 through to September 1st 2019  in the southern alps of Lake Hawea, New Zealand.

Included in your retreat package:

  • Accomodation at Lake Hawea
  • Breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner on the Thursday, Friday and Saturday
  • Evening meal on the Wednesday of arrival
  • Breakfast on Sunday morning
  • Wine with dinner
  • Fresh tea/coffee throughout the day
  • Return airport transfer to Queenstown airport
  • One-on-one High Performance Thinking workshops with Dr Jenny Brockis
  • Smarter Sharper Thinking group activities and facilitations

Private Suite

Room details:


Want to attend with a partner or friend? Ask about the special 2 for 1 deal

Shared Suite

Room details:

 Happy to share? $2499 pp



Everything you need to know to get the most out of your retreat


What’s not included?

The aim of this retreat is to provide you with everything you need, so your free to focus on creating the life you want to lead. Having said that, there are a few things that are not included. These are:

  • Your flights to/from Queenstown
  • Spirits
  • Soft Drinks (other than carbonated water)
What time is check out/in?
  • Check in is from 4pm on 28 August 2019
  • Check out is 10am on 1 September 2019
Will you cater for my dietary requirements?

Absolutely. Please send me an email directly to let me know if you have any special dietary requirements that your cook needs to know about.

Does the retreat have Wi-Fi?

Yes, the main house has Wi-Fi connectivity.

Are towels and linen provided?

Yes, your towels and linen will be prepared for you

What are my payment options?
To secure your place in the retreat we require a deposit of $500. The remaining balance must be paid in 3 monthly payments from the date of your upfront deposit, or no later than 28 July 2019, whichever comes first. Please select the payment plan option on the checkout page. Alternatively, you can pay in full at the time of booking.
What airport should I fly into?

Please fly into Queenstown and we’ll be on hand to pick you up and whisk you off to Lake Hawea Retreat

What do I need to bring?

It will be wintertime, so please bring plenty of warm clothes to layer up or down.

We will be getting out and about for some hilly walks, so don’t forget your beanie, scarf, gloves, warm waterproof jacket and some sturdy walking boots. There may be puddles, snow and ice!

Oh, and a small backpack would be useful too.

Lastly, please bring your own toiletries.

What's your cancellation policy?

Please be aware that any cancellation within 28 days of the retreat is non-refundable. Cancellations made outside of this 28 day window will be refunded in full, minus your $500 deposit.

Have a Question?

Talk to the Retreat Host

Meet your host

Dr Jenny Brockis

As an accredited Medical Practitioner and Board-Certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician, Jenny has over thirty-years experience as a health professional. She is passionate about enabling others to think well and be the best version of themselves. She incorporates the findings of the latest neuroscience, positive psychology and behavioural science into simple practical tools that elevate mental performance and brain function.


Here’s what people say after working with Dr Jenny

“I was delighted to be able to work with Dr Brockis!”
Jasmin Mackoski

“You ‘boosted our brains’ with vital information about brain health, and motivated us to change our daily habits with practical tips on how to give our brain the care and attention it deserves for optimum performance.”
Australian Institute of Management

“Excellent, clear, positive, practical”
University of WA

“One of the best!”
TEC Chair

It was an enormous eye opener!”
UWA Fairway Program

I can’t speak highly enough of Jenny’s presentations. Thought provoking and practical. The emphasis on self-care and health and well-being was heartening.” 

Have a question?

Talk to Dr Jenny


+61 (0)408 092 078

12 + 10 =

Lake Hawea, New Zealand 2019

Your Best Self Retreat

Join us on August 28th 2019 through to September 1st 2019  in the southern alps of Lake Hawea, New Zealand.

Included in your retreat package:

  • Accomodation at Lake Hawea
  • Breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner on the Thursday, Friday and Saturday
  • Evening meal on the Wednesday of arrival
  • Breakfast on Sunday morning
  • Wine with dinner
  • Fresh tea/coffee throughout the day
  • Return airport transfer to Queenstown airport
  • One-on-one High Performance Thinking workshops with Dr Jenny Brockis
  • Smarter Sharper Thinking group activities and facilitations

Private Suite

Room details:



Shared Suite

Room details:



Hurry, the price is returning to $8000 in:

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